Another month with a stable return of 0.63%



In July, interest received was a bit higher than our expectation given that we have entered into the holiday period, where borrowers tend to be slightly behind on their payments. The overall result was a return of 0.63% for the month of July 0.07% - point higher than the long-term return target.

In July we have taken a provision of 0.005% on loans in default.

Since inception, Quantrom P2P Lending has given a return of 22.24% and outperformed the long-term return target by 4.82%-points.

Loans late more than 60 days has fallen below 1.5% of the value of the portfolio in July. Current loans were at the end of July down 3%-point to 70.6% of the value of the portfolio as an effect of the previously mentioned holiday period. Current loans and loans less than 30 days late are more than 94% of the value of the portfolio.


Figure 1 Performance of Note price and Long-Term Return Target



The portfolio at the end of July 2019 consisted of more than 7,200 loans. The weighted average interest rate on the portfolio was 12.32% with an average weighted maturity of 35 months.

The main exposure in value is still towards Car Loans with 66% of the value of the portfolio at the end of the month.

Exposure towards property loans is at 21% of the value of the portfolio. At the end of July, personal loans represented 11%, while business loans were at 2% of the value of the portfolio.

Figures 2-12 provide more details on the composition of the loan portfolio.

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