Further information about P2P Lending

We offer you the opportunity to invest your savings in a product where you can achieve high returns and risk diversification. Open our presentation below and get an introduction to what you can do for your savings and future

Quantrom P2P Lending DAC
Quantrom P2P Lending DAC is a company established in Ireland with the purpose of investing in peer-to-peer Lending. Investing in the company is done by subscription of profit participation notes.
Profit Participation Notes
The Profit Participation Notes is accumulating i.e.  the interest from the loans is attributed to the price of the notes. Each month the net result is calculated and the net profit is attributed to the value (price) of the issued Notes.


P2P Lending
P2P Lending is financing over the internet. People with savings lend their money to others who need a loan to finance the purchase of consumer goods (electronics, furniture, travel etc), housing, car or for a company that needs to invest in production etc. You can best compare it with "old-fashioned" mortgage deeds with security in properties, cars or other types of collateral.
It is important to point out that we do not invest in pay-day loans.
Investment area

Quantrom P2P Lending DAC invests mainly in Eastern Europe.

How do I invest
You invest in Quantrom P2P Lending directly on the web. We recommend that you seek guidance from your investment and tax advisor before investing in Quantrom P2P Lending. When investing please use the link below:

Investing in Notes

How do I redeem my investment
When you want to redeem some or all of your Notes you can use the following link:

Redemption of Notes