You can redeem Notes in Quantrom P2P Lending DAC by filling out and submitting this form.

When you have pushed submit, you will receive an email with an electronic document that you need to sign in order to confirm your redemption. After signing the document your Notes will be redeemed according to the rules of redemption of Notes in Quantrom P2P Lending DAC.

You will receive the proceeds from the redemption approximately 10 banking days after the month end where your Notes were redeemed.

Redemption form

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Please provide the following information in order to redeem notes in Quantrom P2P Lending


Redemption of Quantrom P2P Lending Profit Participation Notes

Minimum redemption is EUR 5,000. Redemption fee is EUR 50.

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I hereby confirm, that if the value of my remaining number of Profit Participation Notes becomes less than EUR 5,000, my remaining number of Notes will also be redeemed.

Please transfer the proceeds to the following bank account in my name: