Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quantrom Peer-2 Peer Lending?

We are an investment company that invests in tranches of peer-to-peer loans predominantly in Eastern Europe.

In Eastern Europe, the need for financing from both private and business is in high demand leading to the fact that interest rates are typically higher than in Western Europe.

We are investing in consumer loans, business loans, car loans and property loans

Who can invest?

Private investors and companies that are based in Europe and have a bank account in the region. In addition, all legal persons must comply with satisfactory documentation of identity, as well as meet the usual banking procedure including KYC/ALM. For more information, see buying and selling Notes page

Can companies invest?

Yes, companies and foundations can invest in Quantrom P2P Lending. In order to comply with the legislation, we need a printout from the company register with reference to who can sign on behalf of the company. Furthermore, we need the usual documentation for KYC/ALM compliance.

What is KYC and AML?

KYC stands for "Know your Customer" .

AML stands for "Anti Money Laundering" .


Doran + Minehane conduct an examination of all investors in Quantrom P2P Lending, to secure that Quantrom P2P Lending do not participate in money laundering.

How secure is the investment?

With all investment there is a risk associated. The main risk of investing in loans is the risk of lack of repayment of the loan. We have taken the following measures to reduce the risk: All loans are established according to a set procedure by a platform or credit institution that has assessed the borrower's repayment capacity.

  1. For certain types of loans (mortgages and car loans), collateral is provided that can be applied in the event of a default on the loan, which reduces the risk of loss.
  2. For certain types of loans (corporate loans) other credit enhancements are carried out including suretyship from the business owner.
  3. For the majority of the loan portfolio, credit institutions have committed themselves to repurchase the loans in the absence of interest and repayments over a period of 60 days.

Finally, Quantrom strives to have a very large diversification of the loans, to different countries, borrowing purposes (sectors), platforms, credit institutions and individual borrowers.

What are the costs associated with the investment?

To purchase Notes in Quantrom P2PL, a transaction fee of EUR 50 is charged.

A management fee of 1% of the total value of the Company is charged, as well as a performance fee of 10% of the return beyond 7% in annual returns.

Finally, Quantrom pays customary Irish corporation tax, which currently amounts to 12.5% of the net return.


What is the minimum investment amount?

The Minimum investment amount is EUR 10,000, following the initial purchase then units can be purchased for an amount as small as 2,000 euros per purchase.


How long is the investment locked-up?

The investment is tied for 12 months, after which you can sell with 1 month's notice.

How can I buy and sell Profit Participation Notes

You can buy notes in Quantrom P2P Lending directly on our website in the purchase and sale of notes tab

In connection with the purchase, you must provide the following information; Your bank account, copy of passport and proof of your residence. You can read further on the website on the purchase and sale of Notes tab.


Is the investment in Quantrom P2P lending guaranteed by a public authority?

Peer-to-Peer Lending is a new investment solution that had its start during the financial crisis in the United States and UK. In recent years, the solution is now spreading to Europe, and at present the market in Europe is not regulated by any authority. Credit institutions are regulated and supervised by each country's financial supervisory authority.

The investment is at your own risk and investors are aware of and understand the risks associated with the investment and that you can lose parts or all of your investment.

Investor is not subject to any financial compensation scheme from a public authority.

How liquid is the underlying investment?

Investing in Peer-to-Peer loans is a long-term investment. Signed loan agreements cannot be terminated from the lender and therefore Peer-to-Peer loans are illiquid by nature. There is a secondary market where loans can be traded, but it is not particularly liquid.

On that basis, Quantrom P2P Lending has a lock-up period of 12 months.


What currency is invested in?

Investments are made exclusively in Euro.


How can I see the return on my investment?

Every month, you will receive a report per email with a detailed review of the loan portfolio. The report will include the end-of-month price per Notes and the development of the investment since the beginning of March 2017.

For what purposes are loans issued?

The loans can be issued for many purposes. Quantrom invests widely in different sectors and countries. Investments are mainly in consumer loans, corporate loans, car loans and property.

What type of collateral is associated with the loans?

There are two types of loans: 1) loans with collateral and 2) loans without collateral.

For loans with collateral, the collateral can be in the form of properties, cars or for corporate loans production equipment.

Consumer loans are typical loans without collateral.


How is the collateral assessed?

The value of the collateral is assessed by an expert within the category of the loan. It can be a property expert regarding real estate financing or an "in-house" expert in the field of e.g. car loans.


What happens if the borrower does not pay?

In cases where the debtor does not pay his interest and instalments in a timely manner, the platform or financial institution will contact the borrower with a commemorative letter (can also be in the form of SMS and mail).

If payments continues to be missed, the platform or credit institution will try to find a solution if necessary by extending the maturity of the loan. As a last option, the claim will be handed over to the legal debt collection and, where appropriate, the collateral sold to cover all or part of the outstanding amount.


Are you investing in 'pay-day' loans?

Quantrom P2PL does not invest in ‘pay-day’ loans or other short term loans with extremely high interest rates

How much of the investment can I sell?

You can sell all or part of the investment (minimum EUR 5,000) after 12 months of ownership with a notice of 35 business days.


Are there costs associated with the sale?

Yes, a handling fee of EUR 50 will be deducted.


How long will it take before I receive the money on my account?

The payment will be made inside 10 working days following the month of the redemption of the Notes.

We recommend that you contact your tax advisor for advice.

For persons taxable in Denmark, please visit our Danish web-site: